What we offer?

Large Inventory

IndiProps-Resale™ offers you a wide range of property options based on your unique needs and requirements. Be it a location, budget, size or property type, we have it for you.

Best Value

We deliver you the best value for your property. Weather you are owner or the buyer, we ensure that price reflects current market trend, demand and you get most out of your investment.

Special Offers

With our strong partnership as channel partners of top notch developers, builders, we are in the ideal position to help you grab an pre-launch, special offers that keeps coming our way, increasing your ROI.

Proficient Delivery

With 2500+ property transactions, we have learned a lot on how to proficiently complete property transaction in hassle free way. We are CRISIL 5 star gold rated so be assured about most stress free transaction that you might have done in recent past!

Value Added Support

In our efforts to make it smooth, we offer you point of contact for your financial funding needs, any maintenance work for your property that too at no additional cost.

Same Day Renting

If you choose, Our IndiProps-Rental™ team ensures that your newly bought property is rented on the same day you purchased and not a day is wasted increasing your ROI further.

Best Deals

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Blue Ridge
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Forest Trails
Castle Royale

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