Professionalism of IndiProps

Being an NRI who visited India infrequently, I was very reluctant to rent out my 2 Bedroom apartment at Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi. This was until I was fortunate to meet Rahul from IndiProps. In our first interaction itself, he came across as knowledgeable and reliable. I was impressed with his patience, excellent listening skills, calm disposition and his professional attitude which inspired confidence. He took time to understand all my concerns and then proceeded to address each one of them swiftly and effectively.
IndiProps is truly a customer-centric company offering a One stop solution for Renting apartments and Rahul is its best ambassador. He immediately understood that we were on a short deadline and took the initiative to get personally involved in assisting me with getting the deal done. He assisted me in fixing my critical issues with the MSEB, introduced me to his team who installed the required electrical fittings and other fixtures like kitchen trolleys etc. He sourced the right profile of tenant and his team assisted us in completing all the contract formalities in record time.
I strongly recommend Rahul and IndiProps as my experience has been that their word is their bond and they truly run the extra mile to serve the customer. With Rahul from IndiProps in your team, you can expect to Rent with Peace of mind, especially if you are an NRI.
Keep up the great work team IndiProps.